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This will never happen again! With this bundle, Founders will receive lifetime membership in the coaching community. No additional monthly fees or extra charges. As long as the membership exists, you're IN!


When the membership launches (late October 2019), members will need to purchase “text books” – a three signature-program bundle we use within the community. But with the Founders Bundle, your text books are included!


We've been practicing this aspect of group coaching for years now and what we've built is an incredibly supportive, smart, empathetic, fun bunch of people who love being on the journey towards vibrant wellness . . . together!


This is the “secret sauce” of the membership — a clearly defined path for success. You'll be able to determine where you are along the path and what steps you need to take next to ensure you're moving towards your health and wellness goals.

Three Practical & Powerful Programs

Four months out of the year within our community we will be working through one of Beacon's signature programs. These programs include The Beacon 21 Day Reset, The Beacon Sugar Detox and The Beacon Cleanse. Each program was designed with your bioindividuality in mind, to get real results. Erica designed these programs as she was healing from severe digestive and hormonal challenges, and the strategies and steps found in these programs is what ultimately led her out of chronic illness and back onto the path of vibrant wellness. 

Small Changes Equal Big Results

Strict doesn't necessarily mean more effective. In fact, in some cases, it means exactly the opposite. The Beacon approach to coaching embraces making small changes consistently over time to see big results. We're not afraid of modifications or customizations either!

Clearly Defined Milestones

We don't want you getting lost along the road to vibrant wellness! We've got a path for you to follow with clearly defined milestones so you will always know what phase you're in and what you need to do to move further along the path to build a life that's strong enough and resilient enough to carry your full purpose!

It's time for you to step into the life you were created for. A life of radical wellness to support your full potential.

You, my friend, were meant for BIG things! But when you're feeling challenged in your health you may start to second guess whether you can actually DO the big things (are you feeling me?). Almost subconsciously, you begin to downsize the vision you had for life before the fatigue, the pain and the anxiety set in.

Do you need a fresh injection of hope for healing? We've got you! That's what the Beacon Lifestyle is all about. And with the coaching, accountability and support you will find in our community, you are destined to walk this thing out OVERFLOWING with hope for living a life filled with purpose.

Do you feel like you're meant to do more with your life, but the current state of your health is holding you back? Let's put out the symptom fires and assess the damage (for real this time!) so we can design a program that gets you out of the pit and back onto the road to a fulfilling life where you're doing all you were created for.

Do you need practical strategies for healing and health grounded in truth that really work in the real world? Well, now you're talking our language! Let's run this race together, friend. From learning how to press the stop button on symptoms that have been plaguing you for years to gaining mastery over your soul (mind, emotions and will) to produce health in your entire body, this faith-based approach to healing and wellness is going to feel like a breath of fresh air to you. Just know this . . . 

There is more for you.

Meet Your Coach

Erica Pyle, Certified Holistic Health Coach (IIN)

Hi, I'm Erica. I help people get healthy — spirit, soul and body — using faith-based strategies, tools and techniques that get real world results. You interested?

For most of my life I struggled with digestive and hormone imbalances — chronically ill for years, knowing something was really wrong, but getting no real answers. Being told I'd just have to learn to live with it for the rest of my life. and then . . . 

God got my attention. I went on a journey to discover natural strategies for healing. What I found was more than just dietary theories, workout plans and piles of supplements. I found Biblical principles and strategies that translated into real world results, and for the first time I had HOPE for healing again. But the best part is . . . I actually healed!

Can I share some of what I learned along the way with you? My passion is helping people break through into greater levels of strength and capacity so they can live a life of FULL purpose. If this sounds like something you need in your life,  let's work together! Grab your Founders Bundle today and let's hop on the road to vibrant wellness together. Xoxo – Erica


I'm at my best when coaching a group towards a shared goal. While I've done one-on-one coaching in the past, I've learned that my style is best for people who are self-motivated and don't require a personal session every week to keep moving in the right direction. Our online coaching community provides an environment where I can still provide personalized coaching and encouragement while leveraging the power of group encouragement, resourcing and accountability. It really is the best of both worlds!


Everything I teach is grounded in the word of God. Every practical strategy that brings health and healing to our natural bodies has its roots in the life-giving words found in the Bible. One of my favorite ways to teach about healthy lifestyle is to bring science and spirituality together. Science simply tells the story of God's creation and how it works, so it's no surprise that they line up beautifully. My coaching style is holistic, meaning we'll look at the body as a whole and utilize natural methodologies like diet, movement, supplements and mindset renewal to achieve results.


While it may be your short term goal to get out of pain, silence nagging symptoms or improve certain metabolic markers, it is my greater goal to help you find a flow in life that empowers you to live life FULLY and with purpose. You can't do everything you were made to do and be when you're sick and sluggish. So we don't just stop at silencing symptoms around here. We press into discussions around the best lifestyle plan for your specific calling and needs. We test and refine until we really get a handle on what your body truly needs to function at its best.

IIN Health Coach

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC)

Issued to Erica Pyle
Issued by Institute for Integrative Nutrition


The Beacon Sugar Detox

We're making it exclusive! After years of testing our sugar detox, the program has been upgraded and is being released only within the Beacon Essentials Coaching Community. When you grab the Founders Bundle you will have the opportunity to join us for this powerful program beginning July 6th. Introduction and Prep Week begin June 30th. Are you IN?

“Being a part of the Beacon Essentials Community has been life-changing for me! For years I dealt with lactose intolerance and other food allergies, but I learned from Erica that there is more to health than what we eat and how we move our bodies. There is a mindset renewal and a perspective shift that helps our bodies heal and we can actually get foods back. I'm still walking out the process of healing from a wheat allergy, but I got dairy back! And that was a major  win because I love yogurt and cheese. I am so thankful for Erica's coaching and unique approach to creating a healthy lifestyle that addresses the fullness of who we are — spirit, soul, and body!”

Cathrine D.

Founding Member



There's a reason why I'm offering the Founding Members Bundle at such a steal. The truth is . . . the membership site isn't fully functional yet. In fact, I'm just now building it out. We estimate a late October launch date. But I'm opening my membership right now to gather members who want to get the BEST deal on the membership while also working with me on a BETA test of The Beacon Sugar Detox program that we'll be doing during July. The first year cost for a regular member  (when the site is fully functional and tested) will be approximately $500 — $350 for the first year of membership and $150 for the cost of the three programs we will follow during a membership year. By grabbing your Founding Members Bundle now, you'll score a $400 savings for the first year and then the savings just rack up each additional year of membership. Your membership is good for the life of the membership. This means, as long as I host the membership, you're IN without having to pay any monthly access fees. Score! But if you want to join, act NOW.

This offer ends Friday, July 28th!




The Founders Bundle provides lifetime access to the Health silo of the Beacon Essentials Coaching Community and will last as long as the membership community is in existence and facilitated by Erica Pyle. You will never have to pay a monthly fee or an additional charge to be a part of the Health silo of the Coaching Community. In the future we may add additional silos to the Coaching Membership. You will be notified when those come on-line and may be offered a special price to add additional silos to your membership.

What beacon programs come in my founders bundle?

Each program will be added to your “library” as it is updated and released. The first program that will be released is The Beacon Sugar Detox. We will begin this program on July 6th.

  • The Beacon 21 Day Reset: A 21-day program designed to give you a broad view of some of the most powerful health habits you can practice to produce long-lived, robust wellness. The program works by issuing one new habit per day that is practiced for the remainder of the 21 days.
  • The Beacon Sugar Detox: A 31-day program designed to help you break up with sugar and reset your relationship with the sweet stuff. The program includes a 3-day fasting phase right at the beginning to bring a spiritual freedom component that you can then draw on for the remainder of the detox.
  • The Beacon Cleanse: The signature program of the Beacon Programs, the Cleanse is a 6-week program designed to help you identify what fires need to be put out around your body and then following a customized plan of adds, omits and amp-ups to see those fires extinguished and healing established — spirit, soul and body. The end goal of the Cleanse is to craft a wellness plan that can be returned to as a “touch point” whenever your body feels out of balance.

Where will the membership be hosted?

Ultimately, the Beacon Essentials Coaching Community will be hosted on Kajabi, an online learning platform. All of your Beacon programs will be housed within Kajabi and each month's core content will be loaded into your members' area within the site. We will maintain our community component of the membership on Facebook within the Beacon Essentials Coaching Community Facebook group.

Until the Kajabi site is fully built out and launched (late October est.), we will facilitate The Beacon Sugar Detox program in July and the monthly core content within the Facebook group, while also loading it onto Kajabi in parallel. This will give us an opportunity to BETA test the platform without losing the consistency of the content and program flow.

When will i get access to the membership site?

Our plan is to launch the full functionality of the membership site in early November with the running of The Beacon 21 Day Reset program. But we'll be loading content from July, August, September and October into Kajabi in parallel format to what we share within the Facebook group. So we are looking to grant members access to the Kajabi site in July or August so we can begin to test the environment and see how it works for us. The goal is to have everything fully functional and vetted out prior to the November run of the Reset.

What are the details for the July Beacon Sugar Detox?

It's gonna be GOOD! That's the most important detail. But seriously, we will begin the Detox on Saturday, July 6th, but Introduction and Prep Week will be released on June 30th and will run for six days. 

The Detox is a 31-day program running from July 6th through August 5th and is made up of a Fast Phase and 4 Ramping Phases. The details of the program have already been posted to the Facebook group and you'll be able to see the flow as soon as you join.

What is your refund policy?

Because of the “crazy pants/steal of a deal” nature of the Founders Bundle offer, once we begin the facilitation of The Beacon Sugar Detox in July, there will be no refunds issued. If you join and then change your mind prior to July 1, simply email me and I will refund your payment. Easy peasy.

Still Have Questions?

No worries! I'm here for you. If you've got a question that hasn't been answered above, feel free to contact me directly. And if it's not time for you to join right now, but you'd like to be added to a list for future openings of the membership, just email me! We've got you covered.

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