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Are You Ready to Break Through?

Feeling overwhelmed with life? Have you done everything you know to do, believed as hard as you could, and yet, things still aren’t working out? Are you done with grinding it out and hoping your effort will produce?

 Well, here’s the news you need: God is real, His ways work, and you can do this! It’ll probably just look a little (or a lot!) different than how you thought it would. And that’s okay! Are you ready to learn how to craft a life with God that prospers in all things?

 Positioned to Prosper is a weekly podcast that covers the ins and outs of what it means to live a lifestyle of breakthrough and victory in your relationships, health, finances and beyond. Your host, Erica Pyle, is no stranger to jumping without the proverbial parachute while maintaining a firm grip on godly wisdom. A self-described slayer of pragmatism and a “walk by faith” kind of girl, Erica is an unabashed believer in the power of God to radically transform lives. Front-footed in faith as she offers straight-up truth, strategies, and wisdom for living victoriously, and equipped with her love for the word of God, her certification as a holistic health coach, and years of experience in personal finance and taxation, Erica is ready to help you get positioned to prosper.

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#34: The Importance of Celebration & Rest

Are celebration and rest regular parts of your lifestyle? I'm not just asking if you agree with celebration and rest as concepts. I'm asking if you regularly incorporate celebration and rest into your daily flow of living, working, creating and producing. When was the...

#33: What's Your Sound?

Did you know that you have a sound on your life? We’ve all got a sound because that’s how God has made us. We’re sound-makers by design. Beacons. Repeaters, really. But if we don’t realize this piece of our nature – that we’re made to make a sound for the Kingdom –...

#32: Why You Need Your Own Jesus Girl Gang

Do you have a Jesus Girl Gang? Christians have been patterned to think that if we just belong to a church, read our Bible regularly and maybe just listen to a church message or two throughout the week that we're GOOD in terms of transformation, discipleship and...

#31: How to Walk in Real Discipleship

What is real discipleship? Simply by asking that question, it's probably apparent that I believe there is a counterfeit kind of discipleship. And that, my friend, is the point of today's episode. I want to show you, through the Bible, what real discipleship is, and...

#30: What is Truth?

"What is truth?" In John 18, Pilate asked this very question of Jesus Christ. Here we are, thousands of years later, asking the same question -- "What is truth?" -- and struggling in our generation to answer, just the same as Pilate did. Jesus -- the living Truth --...

#29: The Breakthrough Blueprint

Are you ready to finally get to your breakthrough? Today on the podcast we're going to be talking about something I call The Breakthrough Blueprint. This blueprint is made up of four sets of questions, and it's a tool I hand to people whenever I'm helping them to get...

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