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Are You Ready to Break Through?

Feeling overwhelmed with life? Have you done everything you know to do, believed as hard as you could, and yet, things still aren’t working out? Are you done with grinding it out and hoping your effort will produce?

 Well, here’s the news you need: God is real, His ways work, and you can do this! It’ll probably just look a little (or a lot!) different than how you thought it would. And that’s okay! Are you ready to learn how to craft a life with God that prospers in all things?

 Positioned to Prosper is a weekly podcast that covers the ins and outs of what it means to live a lifestyle of breakthrough and victory in your relationships, health, finances and beyond. Your host, Erica Pyle, is no stranger to jumping without the proverbial parachute while maintaining a firm grip on godly wisdom. A self-described slayer of pragmatism and a “walk by faith” kind of girl, Erica is an unabashed believer in the power of God to radically transform lives. Front-footed in faith as she offers straight-up truth, strategies, and wisdom for living victoriously, and equipped with her love for the word of God, her certification as a holistic health coach, and years of experience in personal finance and taxation, Erica is ready to help you get positioned to prosper.

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#56: The Believer's Guide to Prepping Without Fear (Pt. 2)

Let's continue our discussion around prepping without fear . . . What do you think of when you hear about people who are storing shelf-stable food and water for the long term, buying up generators and deep freezers, joining the ranks of the RV army with a "bug-out"...

#55: The Believer's Guide to Prepping Without Fear (Pt. 1)

Are you engaging in any level of "prepping" during this season of seemingly shaky economies and rumored shortages? What do you think of when you hear about people who are storing shelf-stable food and water for the long term, buying up generators and deep freezers,...

#54: A Prophetic Word to The New Renaissance Creatives

The Lord spoke a word to me this morning for Creatives. I'm sharing it, word for word, with you inside this episode of the podcast. On the morning of October 8th I had a dream that was distinctly from the Lord. I woke up from the dream and grabbed my phone to record...

#53: Deplatforming God and Canceling the Kingdom

Can society deplatform God Himself? In this episode of the Positioned to Prosper podcast we'll be talking about the current social culture we're living in, and how it's affecting the Church's mission to get the word out about Jesus and His Kingdom in a way that...

#52: Will You Seek His Kingdom First?

So will you? And are you clear on what it means to truly seek His Kingdom and Righteousness? It's vital that we learn how to stand on the Word of God and keep standing -- no matter what -- if we're going to have a different experience that the world as we walk through...

#51: What Happens Next, Church?

What should we be doing as the Church right now? It's a weird question, right? If you're a part of the Church then maybe you're thinking, "Hey, Erica, we're just supposed to keep on being the Church while Jesus builds." And that would be true, but then let me ask you...

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