Beacon Sugar Detox

Are you ready to kick sugar to the curb?

What is the Beacon Sugar Detox?

The Beacon Sugar Detox is a 21 Day plan designed to break the sugar habit. When you sign up you will be added to the Beacon Sugar Detox Facebook group. This is the place to find the program guide, food lists, recommended recipes and moderated community support. We're also offering a “candida component” during weeks 2 & 3 of the detox for those who want to take it up a notch (especially if you suspect you've got a candida issue brewing).

Erica Pyle is a certified Health Coach (IIN) who specializes in the areas of gut health and hormone balance. This is the third group led detox she's hosted this year, and the results have been astounding! Erica is also the co-lead pastor of C3 Church Tampa and loves to integrate aspects of faith and spirituality into the programs she leads.

To learn more about the Sugar Detox, sign up and let's get started! Participation to the group is FREE! You'll be signed up for Erica's monthly newsletter where she shares on a wide range of topics from health and finances to relationships and inspiration. Too much for you? You can unsubscribe at any time (but we think you'll love our community)!

How Fasting Can Help You Heal

The benefits of fasting go beyond the spiritual. There's solid science showing there are many incredible health benefits to fasting. Could this be a tool in your wellness toolbox?

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Is a Sugar Detox for Everyone? – Day 1

I've had a few folks asking the question: “Is a sugar detox really for everyone? If I eat pretty well most of the time, what is the benefit of doing something so “extreme?” While I believe a sugar detox may have a more pronounced impact on the health of someone who is battling with disease, there are still some benefits to be derived from a sugar detox even if you are following a relatively healthy diet and wellness plan.

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Is the Beacon Sugar Detox For Me?

How do you know if sugar's to blame? Below is a list of common red flags your body throws up when it's trying to let you know you're feeding it too much sugar. If you recognize any of these symptoms in your own body, chances are a sugar detox would be good for you.

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