Alright. Let's talk about it. Whenever you undertake a detox with restrictive elements, it's normal for your body and your brain to pipe up and say, “Hey! Why are you holding out? Give me what I CRAVE!” And this could be a powerful and appropriate message to be sending if your detox isn't providing you with all the basic macros, nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy. Maybe something needs to shift. But here's something you should get really clear on with respect to this sugar detox…

Other than caloric energy, processed sugar has absolutely no nutrients. And even its “whole food” buddies (like honey and maple syrup) are only helpful in small quantities for their MICROnutrients (things we only require a little bit of each day). What's more, sugar is damaging to your body in large quantities and complicates pretty much every illness you can think of. Sugar acts on some of the same receptors in the body as – wait for it – cocaine, and has been shown to be even MORE addictive in animal studies. Now I realize we aren't animals, but if the rat who's just hanging out in the maze all day picks the sugar water over the cocaine, I'm wondering what a stressed out human would pick.

So it should be no surprise that, like cocaine, sugar is going to cause your body to freak out a bit when you decide to break up. This bad reaction, much like drug detox, doesn't mean that you made the wrong choice. Here's the thing: It means you made THE RIGHT CHOICE. Even though your body is protesting today, it will be happier and healthier tomorrow.

If you are experiencing detox symptoms after drastically reducing your sugar intake, this is generally an indicator that you have an unhealthy relationship with the sweet stuff and you should push through to break the addiction. Just keep swimming!

General disclaimer: If you have diabetes, are pregnant or train heavily each day, know that your body has a different relationship with carbs than most and you really need to be addressing any sugar issues you might have with a doctor as you undertake a detox plan.